Sunday, 6 June 2010

A trip on a jetboat

For Christmas last year we gave Sarah, Aimee, Jessica and my father, vouchers for a jet boat ride on the Whanganui River. We booked the Havoc trip to the Flying Fox with Brent Firmin of the Spirit of the River Jet Boat Tours. This is a one hour trip up the beautiful Whanganui River, one hour at the Flying Fox for coffee and muffins and a little tour around and then another hour back on the river. Unfortunately it rained on the day we went this time. That only meant we didn't get many photos, we still enjoyed it and it did let up a bit while we were at the Flying Fox.

The two girls and Sarah were given a ride on the flying fox - half way out over the river. There is no road access to the house, all people and supplies are brought by boat or by road to the other side of the river and then winched over on the flying fox.

And why am I just showing you these photos now? 4 months after the event? because the camera we used to take these photos was, um, mislaid, until very recently. Until I had to get the backpacks out for our trip to Sydney actually. Last time they were used was, oh, in January for a trip on the river I think!


Claire said...

I am rapt that you found your camera. We looked high and low on our boat and at The Flying Fox. Lovely to see the photos, and your Dad up the front of the boat. It was a great day, despite the weather. Thanks for coming with us.
Kind regards

Claire Firmin

Janice said...

Thanks Claire for hunting. The problem is that there are three backpacks in the cupboard. Two were taken on the trip that day and put away when we got home. Two were checked when we were searching for the camera - but obviously not the same two that were taken on the trip!