Monday, 28 June 2010

Dressing Up

We love an excuse to dress up. We check out our favourite second hand clothes shops, we buy cheap accessories from the $2.00 shop and we hunt down the perfect pair of shoes or shoelaces or wig. We have shirts printed with logos! Because there are four of us we are very brave about walking down the street or entering a venue looking ridiculous - why should we care? We've had our fun, putting the outfit together!

Last Saturday night was the Rotary Club's changeover night and the theme was Better, Bolder Brighter Blue. SuperRotary Man, the Bold Blue Bustier, Blue Freak Hair and I would have taken prizes for the best costumes if such had been on offer! You might have noticed that I am not as brave or as bold as the others, but man those blue shoes had the highest heels I've ever worn! Terry is standing on tip toes in the photo of us together!

Roll on Thursday - another Rotary Changeover; theme this time - midwinter Christmas!


nadeeka said...

You 4 walked down the streets in those? :-)
Looks a lot of fun - Drew would be glad to know the dress up fun doesn't end once grown up.

Sarah said...

OMG that blue wig is hilarious!