Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Lentil Policy Document

Apple: is attempting to cook MoF lentils
Button: Whats "MoF"?
Apple: Ministry of Food - it's a cafe in Wgtn
Coin: or... Minister of Finance lentils. They'd be produced through an innovative PPP model, and provide more tastiness per lentil than under previous administrations
Apple: There is no evidence yet that the Partial Pressure Pot will increase the tastiness, tho it should reduce the cooking time, although not as much as the more expensive full pressure pot approach. However, if we add additional condiments at the beginning of the process we may see an improvement in tastiness
Fluffy Chick: I think you need to raise the analysis up a level and start asking why you would want to cook lentils. Lentils are just one option within a range of food groups. Further analysis is needed to determine if this is in fact the best value for money food group.
Seagull: But value for money is just one measurement paradigm. I think a framework for analysis is required to determine the best tastiness assessment criteria and the acceptable levels of input to achieve any minimum levels established.
Fluffy Chick: Personally I think that we can safely assume that lentils will not score well regardless of the framework or criteria we try to develop. I think we just go with something like this.
Drafter: the girls
We recommend that you:
note that lentils are disgusting
agree that you will never cook lentils for us
But this may just be my personal view :)
Apple: i think you guys are spending way too many resources on the issue (with a distinct lack of problem indentification). The initial process was appropriate and provided a positive outcome for the limited target audience. Lentil supply was outsourced to the lowest bidder (who, being a specialist supplier was also able to offer high quality), the intended outcome was well researched (I have eaten lentils at MoF several times) and the eventual product was of a high quality. The unindented outcomes (gas) have been identified and will be rectified in subsequent batches (I'll rinse the lentils first before cooking).
I, at least, didn't get caught up in the theory and successfully operationalised the concept. Anyone else who would like to contribute to quality control is welcome to come over for lentils. =)

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Helen said...

Very, very clever. I like the typo of '"unindented" outcomes' for 'unintended outcomes', i.e. gas :-)

No indents when farting, I see!