Thursday, 23 July 2009

I know, its been a long time...

But I have a good reason: after the girls left to go home with their mummy and daddy, we had a week and half of comparative peace and quiet with only Kenza staying here (the horticultural student from France). Then, the weekend before my niece Mary was due to arrive with her two youngest children to stay for 5 days, Terry's mother was discharged from hospital but was not well enough to go home on her own so Terry brought her down from Auckland to stay with us. Mary arrived the day after Mum did, Mary's two older children unexpectedly joined us 5 days later and Mary left with all 4 children a couple of days after that. Terry has now taken Mum up to her home for a few days to keep a few appointments but is bringing her back here later today.

Because of the number of people staying and the care some of them have needed, I've had no time to quilt - or the space as Kenza is living in the sewing room.

However, I do have something quilty for you - more specifically, for those of you who edit quilt club or guild newsletters. I have edited a few of them over the years and have put together a small collection of original quilt clipart which I am happy for you to use for non-commercial purposes. They are of various sizes and you can download them from here.

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Ali Honey said...

You have been so busy Janice. I enjoyed the comments by the little girls.

Thank you for sharing your clip Art. I have down loaded them and will use them in our groups News letters etc. I already have quite a collection but how wonderful to have some new ones. Thanks for sharing! Hope you get a rest and some sewing time soon.
I am on the Exhibition Comm. for our group and we hanging our quilts next week for the following weekend, so a busy time here too.