Saturday, 27 September 2008

Gluten Free Brown Bread!

Kate of Gluten Free Gobsmacked posted a recipe for a great Gluten Free Brown Bread the other day and tried it, as she specified, in a loaf tin however it took a lot longer to cook than 30min and it stuck to the tin although I had oiled it. I had to break it up to get it out of the tin. But it was very yummy and I have been having the broken pieces spread with jam in a bowl with milk and yoghurt and a banana for my breakfast every day this week.

So I decided to try it as a flat bread which is how I make my brown rice bread every week. It came out beautifully. I made one tray of the brown pepita bread which has a lovely heavy 'brown bread' texture and flavour and three of the brown rice which actually taste and look like a white bread. Because I make 3 or 4 trays of the 'white' bread a week all mixed up in one bowl and then divided between the trays, the trays are not always evenly loaded and some of the slices are thicker than others. When it comes time to make a meal I often split the thicker slices with a sharp knife and make sandwiches. All the slices are frozen as loaves in plastic bags.

So here are pictures of a tray of uncooked dough, the cooked loaf, the brown bread cooling and the last two white loaves cooling with the first two loaves stacked ready to freeze. 

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