Tuesday, 16 October 2007

A Day Filled with Treats!

Wednesday is sewing day - well, the morning anyway. And I enjoyed the morning with the rain pouring down so heavily at times that it was quite dark outside but I was warm and working well in my lovely sewing room with the lights as bright as daylight. I can't show you what I was doing as its the row by row challenge and who knows who might see their row quilt on my blog! But it went well and I'm happy with the finished row.

I had a lunch appointment with Jennifer and Terry decided he could be in town at that time too and would join us. So he popped up to the shed to collect the mail as I got ready to go out. And look what he brought back down to the house! My Four Seasons Swap Quilt! isn't it lovely? The colours and fabrics are wonderful and it is perfectly at home on my coffee table. I can look at it and smile whenever I pass the table (which is often as its on the way to the stairs and going up and down the stairs because I've forgotten something is what keeps me fit!) The quilt is beautifully finished and I think the pattern was a good choice for the fabric. There was also a parcel of goodies - two bag patterns, some ink jet fabric sheets and some fabric! What a fabulous package. I wonder if she knew that one of the other Challenges we have for the quilt show in April next year is "My Best Bag"? I'll enjoy making a bag from a pattern instead of guessing and fudging it which is my usual method. I'm going to make the one with the gathered side pockets. And you can see the box it was sent in in the background - she has even put a map of Australia and New Zealand on the box! I tried to open the box without ripping the map but I was too excited to be careful enough and it tore itself apart.

Well, I just had a few minutes before I had to leave to put a comment on my partner's blog to let her know it had arrived safely. Follow the link to her blog - she since posted about the quilt and tells of the problems she had making the quilt and why it was late arriving. I really didn't mind and there was no need to add the extra goodies - but it was wonderful to receive them!

After that excitement we carefully drove into town, still lots of rain about but thankfully, none as we walked from car to cafe. It was hosing down at the time we intended to leave so we all sat back down and had another cup of coffee and a gluten free biscuit. Then Jennifer and I spent a happy couple of hours shopping - clothes from "The Mill", and then a look at the $2.00 shop! Another drink and show and tell and then I dropped Jennifer off and came home.

And now the rain has stopped and the sun is pretending to shine. Terry is out planting nasturtium seeds in the orchard and I'm thinking about what to cook for dinner.

So - how about that for a perfect day? Sewing, shopping, a wonderful parcel from abroad and lunch with two of my favourite people?


jennifer.gaskin said...

Well, I had a great day too! Enjoyed the lunch (especially that "gluten free" biscuit!), the company and the great bargains we got! Thank you.

gwensmom said...

Janice I am sooooo glad you like it! It was a bit intimidating to be making something for an accomplished quilter like you. Working with these fabrics has got me hooked on batiks and now I can't wait to use some more in the winter quilt.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It made my day!


gwensmom said...

Gah! I just noticed that the postal service put a sticker over New Zealand on the box!

Janice said...

Hi Sarah - yes, I love batiks too - and I truly do smile each time I pass your quilt! Its perfect. I can't see anything wrong with the binding - its just how I always do them, and no, I'm not a perfectionist - as you can see by the messy free motion quilting on my challenge quilt daisies! I love the organic look of homemade, as it comes, craft - when it is allied with good balance, design and colour use.

Yes, when I first saw the sticker on the box I assumed the parcel had come from Australia - then I looked more closely and realised what had happened...

Helen said...

Love the colours in your swap quilt, yummy batiks. You had a much better day yesterday than I did!