Thursday, 18 October 2007

Birthday Card

Its my dad's birthday next week. I've found a big packet of large sticky raisins which I know he likes and can't get in the shops where he is and I'll also get some large sticky figs to put in the parcel. Here is the card I've made for him. Its taken from one of Terry's photos of an iris in Anne's garden. I vlisofixed the pieces to the background and ironed it all on to very heavy interfacing so it stands on its own. I also vlisofixed the backing to it and brought the edges round to the front to form the frame. Some free motion stitching, catching down all edges and adding some leaves and a birthday message and it was done!

And here is a progress report on Aimee's fairies too. I've finished adding flowers to the centre panel. The next step is to iron some facing to the back of the centre panel so that I can free motion stitch the flowers down and add the details of the fairy. I'll also add stems and leaves to the mix of flowers and maybe the outline of a few more butterflies.


gwensmom said...

oooooo your iris is beautiful! The iris is my favorite flower and it is the Tennessee state flower.

Janice said...

thanks :-) Dad rang to say he loved it but he couldn't decide whether it was an orchid or a lady dancing with her shawl and gown swirling about her. Anyway, he's going to give it a permanent position on his wall.