Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Aimee's Fairy Quilt

Well, I have three quilt tops completed, waiting for quilting (apart from the final border on two of them, but lets not be picky). So what does any self respecting quilter do? You've got it, she starts another quilt. Our grand-daughter, Aimee will be five in February and all of our grand-children and all of my sister's grandchildren have got or will get a quilt from me for their fifth birthday. Aimee requested fairies and these two pictures show progress so far. Sarah took me to Thimbles and Threads in Upper Hutt last week where I spent up large on fairy fabric in pinks and greens. I've also pulled all the pale pink and green floral squares from my 5" square pile and this is what has grown. I know some of the points are cut off but I don't care and I'm pretty sure Aimee won't either, at least, not for a few years. Its because I sewed four 5" squares together and then cut them across the diagonal to make the triangles that set the squares with the stars in the middle on point.

I'm unsure what I will do about the middle section. I will applique a fairy onto the sky/grass background panel and will edge the panel in some fashion, either with the corners as shown or with some other border.
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Chris and Sarah said...

i love it =) how magical

Helen said...

Any self-respecting quilter has no trouble justifying the starting of a new quilt!