Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Well, duh!

I've spent my spare moments over the last four days, hand sewing the labels and sleeves on the two quilts I'll be taking way with us for gifts, the one for Caroline and the Orange Explosion. I've been thinking, no, I won't post yet, I'll wait until I've got photos of the labels and of the finished quilts, then I'll post. Well, guess what? I've finished the quilts, I've sewn on the labels and sleeves AND I've wrapped the quilts in little cotton bags and tied them up with big bows and I'm blowed if I'm unwrapping them to get photos! So, here is the photo of the finished quilts and here is the poem Terry wrote for the label on the Orange Explosion. If you like it and want to use it on your quilt label you are welcome.

Use this quilt any way you want

Right way up - or back to front

It’s got a sleeve for hanging on the wall

Just like a picture, and it won’t fall.

You can throw it in the car as a picnic rug

Or wrap it round each other in a loving hug

Squeeze it, scrunch it, throw it around

Or just leave it lying on the ground.

Use it on a table, give it to the cat

Wrap it round your head like a very tall hat!

But it’s too big for a hankie, I suppose

So please don’t use it to blow your nose.

It’s been a pleasure to make so take it please

You can use it to warm your winter knees

And if you tire of having it stay

Make someone else happy and give it away!


Helen said...

You will HAVE to take photos "over there"! Great poem, can we publish it our newsletter?

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

That's a great poem, but 'throw it on the floor?'

emmad said...

Thats a typical dad poem isn't it :)
Does he still have the daylight saving one around?