Thursday, 28 June 2007

I did it! Its Finished!

Such a race but its done and I even have time to blog it and get changed before we go out this afternoon. We are having a farewell dinner with friends this evening so its nice that I can wear something suitable instead of rushing out in my jeans as I had feared I might have to. Its finished and packed in its own snug bag. Terry will post it this afternoon while I keep my 4.00 appointment. AND I managed to get rid of the wavy edges. I ran a gathering thread around the edge and lightly gathered it before adding the binding in the normal way. I also very lightly stretched the binding as I sewed it on. This method can backfire as I've finished with the binding too tight on a previous quilt. But it worked this time! Yayy!

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Helen said...

Hi Janice

The quilt looks great, so glad you finished it. Sorry I didn't get to post a comment before you left. I was too tired to post on my blog last night. I went to bed straight after dinner! (Well, I did have to get up at 5 to take Mark to the airport.) Frances and I had a great day yesterday. Photos will be on my blog very, very soon.