Thursday, 29 July 2010

Further Development

I had another happy few hours in the sewing room today, working on the boat I started in the unstructured piecing workshop. Here is progress. I have pieced boat sails down the left side and across the bottom using the method we were taught for the stars.

The top and bottom borders are not yet completely pieced or sewn to the rest of the quilt top. In fact the medium triangle in the top right hand corner is just folded and pinned to the dark one. I am in two minds about that, whether it should be a light one with the dark as in the bottom left hand corner. I welcome your comments :-)


nadeeka said...

It is beautiful! You are just so very clever with colours - the whole thing looks just so clean and beautiful and simple.

Janice said...

Thank you! I've got another couple of hours quilting to do and then the binding and it will be finished. Don't know who it is for yet :-)

Helen said...

HI Janice

Please, please, can it be for our quilt show before it finds a permanent home??

I love the free-pieced triangle borders. Very cool!! I look forward to seeing it on Saturday

Janice said...

Yes, I'll keep it until after the show :-) I finished it yesterday. Photo up soon!