Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A New Round Robin

You may have realised that I'm not getting much time in the sewing room. I decided I needed to give myself more incentive to ignore the office work and make time to sew. I didn't want to enter any major competitions oir challenges, although they have deadlines to meet which would make me do the work, you need to spend too much time to meet that deadline. Round Robins though, a series of deadlines, with smaller amounts of work each time, that would work.

And then my friend Helen asked at club for volunteers to participate in  a Round Robin Exchange with some quilters from the U.K. who visited her a few months ago so I put up my hand to be part of that exchange.

The rules for the center block are:
  • Everyone makes the centre block. This is a is 16” square when finished.  Please then turn the block on point and add to this 16” block 4 corner triangles to make a finished block about 23” square. Please make sure there is a quarter inch seam allowance especially at the joints.
Mmm, no guidelines as to colour or style. A search through my scraps... I don't have many large pieces of fabric, its all fat quarters or smaller, so no large triangles, I'll have to piece them. Mmmm. I'll see what I can draw up on EQ6...

Well, I've done it Helen, ready for the next step!

What do you think? Challenging enough?


Helen said...

Yes, Janice, that is challenging enough!! I love the woven look. Great to see you are back in the sewing room :-)

Now, what can I come up with??

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice, that block is awesome. I am scratching my head trying to work out how you did the centre block. Care to share - pleeeze!!
Cheers .... Anne

Anonymous said...

Great work Janice. How did you do the centre block. Amaizing.