Sunday, 7 December 2008

Temporary Living

For Elizabeth who came to see the delphiniums this weekend but said that what she really wanted to see was my sewing room - and I told her there was no room for sewing at the moment because that is where we are living. 
Temporary Dining Room - near the sewing room door
Sink bench on the left, cutting table on the right - now storage for appliances and food supplies. In the bathroom beyond you can see my crockpot and microwave - they are in the bathroom because there is an extractor fan in there and I hope that will keep food fumes out of my sewing room
Cutting table in the foreground, bed and our clothes piled on the sewing tables
Cutting table in foreground, clothes on hangers in front of the swiftquilter. A new project printed out and pinned to the design wall - already curling from age and nothing further done on it since printing out...


Elizabeth said...

Explanation received and understood !
What a thrilling hour soaking up all those brilliant Delphiniums in all their glory. Despite promising myself not to buy more as they prove to be expensive snail food - I showed as much resolve as I do in quilt shops ! Now it's planted it's declared war against slugs and snails - this one WILL bloom,

Helen said...

You must be hanging out for it all to be finished. It will be great when it is :-)