Monday, 19 March 2007

Finally, its LIVE!

I spent all day today getting the new Dowdeswell's Delphiniums Ltd website livened and running smoothly. It was an extremely stressful day and I really really wanted a nice cold glass of dry white at the end of it. But we don't have any in the house and it seemed a bit counterproductive to drive into town to buy any. Many things went wrong today, some, but not all, my fault, and the worst part was waiting for others to fix them. The best part was when I stopped waiting and sorted it out myself! One of the easy tasks that I enjoyed though was putting up the new picture for the week. Every week we have a 'What are we doing this week?" page on our website. Today's picture was this lovely photo of a parent plant for our Green Twist seedline. You can click on this thumbnail to see a much larger picture, big enough to save as your desktop wallpaper if you like. And we have more wallpaper photos on our website too.

Stacy came out after dinner for a game of Puerto Rico and one of Knights and Cities and Terry won both. That's about five games in a row he has won and I'm starting to get annoyed. Its selfish really I think. Don't you think its selfish?


Terry said...

Selfish? I tried. I tried so hard to lose. You can't actually do really stupid stuff to lose or the others will notice and that makes them even more angry, so I had to use finesse, and still I won! They both ganged up on me, and still I won. I played real soft, and still I won. Selfish? No way. That was hard work. Just imagine what a rout it would have been if I'd tried to win!
But next time, just for them, I'll lose, or try really hard to do so again anyway.

Helen said...

He had to use finesse and he still won?? What is he like without the finesse?

Janice said...

brutal - at times, but that's how guys play games isn't it? all out to win, never mind enjoying the evening with friends and family. BUT I WON tonight - another game of Puerto Rico with Stacy and Terry and its the first time I've won at PR. We've been playing since Christmas when Sarah was given the game. We loved it so I bought our own copy when they went home and took theirs with them.

Shelina said...

Hi, I'm dropping by because a fellow blogger recommended you as a good quilt blog to read. I'll be by later for a longer vist.